Activating / unblocking your card

Unblock via Creditcard Online

Log in to Creditcard Online and select 'Unblock card(s)'. Click on the card you wish to unblock. That’s it! You can now use the card immediately.

To find out more about Creditcard Online, see how to activate Creditcard Online.

Unblock via Creditcard Online or with a PIN

You can also unblock your new card by making a payment using your PIN. The card will then immediately be ready for use. Extra card holders can also unblock the card by making a payment using a PIN. (You can’t activate/unblock your card by making a purchase online because you don’t use your PIN to do this.)

No Creditcard Online account yet?

Before you can unblock your card, we need a copy of your identification. We are required by law to confirm your identity so that we can prevent fraud. Have you already sent us a copy of your proof of identity?

If your card is not working after you have activated it, please see these possible solutions.

Update your card details for websites and subscriptions

If your old card has been replaced, the details of your new card will be different. For example, it may have a new 16-digit card number or expiry date. If you have made purchases online using your old card, or if you use it to pay for online subscriptions, you will need to change the details on the website concerned. You can check what websites this might apply to in Creditcard Online.

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