Statement and balance

Your monthly statement

Each month, in Creditcard Online you will find a new statement showing all your spending over the past month. We also email you a link to your new statement as soon as it becomes available.

Statements by post

If you’d rather receive your statement by post, that’s also possible. We charge an additional €1 per statement.

How do I pay my outstanding balance?

You can choose the payment method that suits you best.

You choose when you pay:

  1. Pay the full amount each month
  2. Pay in instalments (you must apply for this because it’s a credit facility)

And you choose how you pay:

  1. Pay in Creditcard Online
  2. Pay with the ICS App for ABN AMRO creditcards
  3. Pay by direct debit
  4. Pay by internet banking

To find out more, see Paying your credit card bill

Pre-authorisation: an amount we set aside for a transaction

What is a pre-authorisation? It’s an amount we set aside temporarily, to make sure you have enough funds available to make a particular payment.

  • For example, if you’ve ordered a product online, we pre-authorise the amount so the seller can deduct it from your account.
  • If you fill up your car at an unmanned filling station, it isn’t known in advance how much you’re going to spend. So we pre-authorise an amount on your card. This isn’t deducted from your account: we simply make sure you have enough credit to pay. After you’ve filled up your car, the filling station deducts the amount you owe from the pre-authorisation. We then cancel the remaining pre-authorisation.
  • A deposit for a rental car can also be a pre-authorised amount on your card. If you return the car in good condition, we cancel the pre-authorisation. If there is damage to the car, you pay some or all of the deposit to the car rental company.

Contact us

  • Phone number

    We can be contacted by telephone
    7 days a week, 24 hours a day

  • Contactform

    Send an e-mail via our contactform in Creditcard Online.

  • Postal address

    Postbus 23225, 1100 DS Diemen