How the Delivery Guarantee works

If you’ve ordered something with your credit card but it hasn’t arrived, or something has gone wrong with the delivery, as an ICS customer you have no need to worry. Your purchases are covered by a Delivery Guarantee. That means you get your money back if the product isn’t delivered, if it arrives late, or if there’s something else wrong with the delivery.

A problem with your delivery

  1. First, contact the seller to seek a solution.
  2. If this isn’t successful, or if after 7 days you have had no response, you can dispute the transaction.

For more information, see Unauthorised transactions.

What is covered by the Delivery Guarantee?

The Delivery Guarantee covers products that are not delivered, wrongly delivered, or not delivered on time. You can also get your money back in the following circumstances:

  • You have cancelled a subscription, but a payment is still deducted from your credit card account.
  • A travel company with which you have booked a holiday suddenly goes bankrupt.
  • The product you have received is not the same as the one you ordered, or it’s fake.
  • You have cancelled a hotel booking according to the terms and conditions, but you haven’t received your refund.

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