How the Purchase Protection Insurance works

You can depend on the Purchase Protection Insurance at ICS

The Purchase Protection Insurance is included with all our cards. All your purchases, whether in a shop or online, are insured against loss, theft and damage for 180 days after purchase. For some credit cards this term is even 365 days.

What is covered by my insurance?

You are insured if:

What is the excess?

The Purchase Protection Insurance has an excess of €25* or €50** per incident. This means that if the insurer agrees to pay a claim, you’ll pay the first €25 or €50 yourself.

Purchase Protection Insurance policy conditions (pdf)

How do I submit a claim?

  1. First check if your damage is covered by another insurance policy, such as your home contents insurance.
  2. If it isn’t, you can submit a claim to us. Call ABN AMRO Creditcard Services.
  3. We’ll check if your purchase is covered by your insurance.
  4. If it is, then we’ll send you the claim form and policy conditions.
  5. Send the claim form to our insurer. We’ll send you an addressed envelope.
  6. The insurer will process your claim. You’ll receive a confirmation within 2 weeks.
  7. You’ll then usually hear within 2 weeks whether you will receive a payment, and if so how much.

Report theft to the police

If something you have bought with your credit card is stolen, the first thing to do is report it to the police, also if the theft occurs in another country.

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